Playtech Academy aims for high achievement

Playtech has been promoting its Academy offering for a couple of years now, hoping to educate the online gambling world to industry best-practice while also, of course, giving both potential and current licensees the opportunity to better understand what Playtech can do for them and the wide range of their services. GamCrowd set about to gain a better understanding of what was involved in the process and what can be learned from what is one of the biggest software suppliers in the industry. If you want to understand what business intelligence really means in the online gambling industry, then this is a great place to start.

GamCrowd: What was the original inspiration behind the Academy?
Playtech: We have a vast range of products and services on offer, therefore in addition to the account management and consulting work we do for every licensee we have working with us, we decided we needed to offer more to our customers as well as to our employees. The Academy is, first and foremost, a bespoke set of training and learning tools designed to educate and help our licensees with any query or questions they have regarding any of our software, products, technology and/or services. This comes in the form of one-on-one or group training sessions either in one of our 14 global office locations or on site at our customers’ offices depending on their preference. Playtech has developed the industry’s most powerful and sophisticated back-end player management system. We want to maximise its power and capabilities and ensure licensees gain the ongoing knowledge they require around these tools. In addition, we are working on concluding a whole series of new e-learning tools including written and visual material which licensees would be able to access via a dedicated client area on our website The site will be complete by the end of this year. All this material is equally valuable from an internal point of view with existing staff and new joiners able to benefit from and access any of the resources we have available. No other gaming company is able to offer this to their customers and/or employees therefore we firmly believe it is the industry’s only bespoke training resource.

GamCrowd: Does Playtech feel there is a lack of serious attempts to educate those within the industry about best practice?
Playtech: There are many open industry seminars, conferences and exhibitions across the year, however none of these are able to truly focus on specific elements of what we offer as well as give detailed insight into key, existing as well as forthcoming trends and innovation. Our industry is also constantly shifting and even best practices can rapidly change. We look to educate our licensees but are also receptive to understanding the industry’s evolution.
Our sessions our closed, personal and individually tailored to our customers’ requirements. For example, if a licensee wants to drill down into a specific area of our Information Management Solution (IMS) for use by the CRM team. They can spend a day with our IMS trainers learning the latest business intelligence optimisation using Playtech tools and how best to use it. This obviously benefits the CRM team in their day-to-day operations, and then we can pinpoint exactly what they need to know and go through every detail piece by piece and in a very clear and concise way.

GamCrowd: Did Playtech feel that some of its licensees were lacking in some industry learning?
Playtech: It is not a question of lacking in learning, it is a question of supplementing the technology, software and services we already offer, and supporting our licensees in using our products in the most effective ways that benefit and differentiate them the most. Our products are structured using cutting-edge technology and this requires continual training and development. This is also the case due to the nature of our software and content release schedule that takes place every 10 weeks, therefore we are always on hand with a huge resource of expertise to support our customers in whatever area or way they choose.

GamCrowd: Do you think the industry has previously shown a reluctance to take on extra learning?
Playtech: Not at all. Our partners always want to learn more. Furthermore, the nature of the business is that some licensees have less online operational understanding than others. We must offer continued support for all licensee knowledge levels. There is not another suite of services available like this in our industry. We believe we are pioneers in gaming, not just in the technology we have developed and deployed in regulated markets across the globe such as Playtech ONE, but also in the support, consulting and continual training we are able to offer customers whenever they request it and when and wherever best suits them.

GamCrowd: What is it you think that the Academy can add to operators/licensees?
Playtech: It is about support, getting the best out of our products and showcasing just what they can do when used in the best way for individual licensees. This is just one area that sets us apart from our competitors. It also maximises the usage of all Playtech’s tools. There is a vast array and, in some cases, licensees need the understanding of how to take their operation to the next level.

GamCrowd: What particular areas of the online business can Academy help with?
Playtech: It really depends on what our customers require but, for example, it can range from insight into a particular new regulated market and all the compliance complexities that come with it to a new live casino bonus tool, or from a new BI fraud system to how to best set up specific promotions around a large horse racing event. The Academy focuses and will continue to focus on any element of our offering or industry no matter how specific or general. It is down to the individual licensee to determine what is important for them at that time.

GamCrowd: Is the hope that Playtech can share best practice in areas like marketing and games design and hence the feedback will be important for both parties?
Playtech: We already do this on a daily basis. For example, whenever we launch a new game or series of games such as the forthcoming Age of the Gods, our content marketing team supports licensees with every aspect of marketing around that including a full marketing kit, banners, icons, videos, network and jackpot promotions and site takeover to name just a few elements of the additional services we provide on a daily basis.

GamCrowd: How much can Playtech help licensees with their use of data?
Playtech: Our Business Intelligence Technology (BIT) suite of tools provides new and existing licensees with superior innovation for their next stage of growth and we have expert trainers on hand to guide licensees on best practice for their specific operations. Our unique data-driven, business intelligence marketing technology, exclusive to Playtech, significantly enhances player experience and drives licensee revenues by increasing engagement and loyalty.

BIT revolves around a series of game-changing features including:
•    The BI Platform – Complete operational overview: Enable day-to-day and high-level decision making by comparing key metrics against competitors.
•    Data Driven Marketing Tools – The power of personalisation: Power automatic CRM and personalize every major aspect in the player flow.
•    Playtech Analytics – Real-time decision making: Real-time tracking and reporting to maximise player value and brand profitability.
•    Playtech Optimiser – Omni-channel personalisation comes to life: Real-time, easy-to-use personalisation and optimisation engine, powering all of our offering across all channels.

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