GamCrowd at London Technology Week

The GamCrowd contribution to London Technology Week was hailed as a huge success by those that took part in the one-day event that took place at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome Casino on 21 June.

The event featured panels and presentations dealing with the subject of the application of technology in online gambling and how the industry should do more to gain acceptance from the wider tech community for the contribution it makes to the tech scene in London.

“I think it was very useful to get the chance to discuss with key people from our own industry the importance of tech and what it brings to our industry,” said Ian Hogg, the chairman of both GamCrowd and conference participants Shopworks.

“The London Tech Week offered the opportunity for the gambling industry to take a lead and be seen to be contributing to the wider debates around technology in London,” he said. “I applaud Chris’ efforts in pulling together such a wide array of companies and speakers.”

Those that took part in the show included Phill Graham, chief technology officer at Gamesys, who spoke on the opening panel alongside Dominic Hawken, the CTO at Grand Parade, George Constantinou, the director of online at the Hippodrome Casino, and Will Mace, the head of innovation at Unibet.

They discussed the issue of innovation within the gambling sector and looked at what trends have impacted the gambling industry, from peer-to-peer betting through to in-play. Hawken from Grand Parade said the opportunity to speak alongside his peers and hear what they and the audience had to say on the issue of innovation was very educational.

“The great thing about the conference was that it was focused on the impact of technology on the sector,” he added. “It gave me a chance to share something of what I have learned from working in the industry for the last few years and also to see what people thought was coming down the track in the near future.”

One such trend is blockchain which was discussed by a number of panels during the day, including a session which was chaired by Hans Lombardo, a director at fintech media organisation Chain Finance and which featured Eddy Travia from Coinsilium, Adam Vaziri, a partner at law firm Diacle and Nick Garner, the founder of the bitcoin casino

Phil Hails-Smith, a partner at London law firm Joelson, said it was interesting that such cutting-edge technology developments were being discussed at the conference as part of London Technology Week and made the point that it was useful to consider the legal challenges involved in such a fast moving sector.

“With blockchain as with other areas of innovation that are happening both within and around the gambling sector, it should always be remembered that the legal and compliance background should always be considered,” he said. “I was particularly happy to be given the chance to speak at the conference as we are particularly excited by the confluence of technology, gambling and the law.

“This gave us the chance to speak to some very interesting people involved in much of the forward-thinking that is taking place, and also to put our chase for keeping the legal situation very much in mind.”

Chris North, chief executive at GamCrowd, said he was delighted with the conference and said he very much hopes to be putting on another show of its kind next year. “The great thing about LTW is that it gives the industry exposure in the wider technology community.

“I know for a fact that the organisers of LTW were delighted with the conference and I want to thank both them, the participants, and the Hippodrome Casino and Simon Thomas for making the day such a big learning experience.”

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Dominic Hawken COO of Grand parade presenting at London Tech Week July 2016

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