The Uses of Crowdsourcing - Part One

Here at GamCrowd we are great fans of then possibilities being opened up by crowdsourcing – we even have our own marketplace to prove it. We think the possibilities opened up by the idea of crowdsourcing will transform many industries, and nit least the gambling sector. But kore importantly, as a resource for start-ups we think crowdsourcing is potentially almost unparalleled. The so-called gig economy is perfect for start-ups where costs have to be kept at a minimum, but serious input is needed to get a project to fruition. To get you thinking about the possibilities that are open to you via this route, we have produced two guides to suggest where crowdsourcing might help your gambling business. Part one is below and part two can be found on the same page on this site.

Affiliate monitoring 
Imagine you want to check the position of your banner on all of your German language affiliates. You can create an online form quickly using a tool like and offer a web based entry form for the crowd to fill out. You link the form to a micro-tasking site and then offer to pay the crowd a few cents per entry. The crowd get to work checking the sites and answering your questions. Within a few days the task will be completed.
Affiliate policing 
Some affiliates are using the crowd to trigger CPA payments. The best place to police this is in the crowd

Use micro-tasking to build a list of all of the sports sites in a certain language and a contact e mail address as a way of building your affiliate network

B2B prospect listing 
Use micro-tasking to generate contact details for all your target companies 

Content and sentiment monitoring
The crowd is a great way to monitor forums and social media sentiment in multiple languages and countries.

Social-media building 
Micro-tasks where contributors are paid a few cents per task can be used to get customers to build lists of twitter users, you could build lists of poker players by country or sports fans by language - very quickly using micro tasks.

Competitive analysis 
Let expert gamblers and industry professionals review your site against your key competitors in each market, provide a standard review sheet and a fixed price per review and quickly build a database of valuable insights which will help your product road map

Content generation 
A Korean betting blog will probably want to focus on the local interest of the Korean-based players in the English Premier league where as a Spanish site will want to hear about La Liga first, both will be in different languages. This content can easily be broken down into small tasks and offered to the crowd for expert production from a local who understand both SEO and betting on soccer.

Content monitoring 
Reward users or the crowd for monitoring competitor bonus and offer strategy and have users and the crowd rate the offers. Find out what people really think about the “money back if Wayne Rooney scores a hatrick offer”.

This white paper was drafted by us at GamCrowd, a copy writer ran an edit and then we had someone create the look and feel using our crowdsourced brand guidelines. Most of our online copy goes through a copy writer or an editor.

Video monitoring 
Have data created from video clips of horse races or sports events, ideal for professional traders or data feed suppliers. Use multiple sources to double check the accuracy by exception monitoring

Video production 
GamCrowd had all of its videos done via crowdsourcing. We got the crowd to write the scripts, then we used our crowd developed brand guidelines and a brief to produce two original videos. We A&B tested them using a survey tool and then chose the best one as the basis for the rest of our video production. We still haven’t spent over £1,000 on video production.

Content creation 
Use an online form tool to collect a few sentences per photo on a set of photos - they could be sports photos, promotional events or a poker tournament. Give the crowd a list of key words you are targeting and let the crowd create lots of unique content quickly and cheaply. It’s an SEO goldmine.

Creative design 
The original GamCrowd logo was chosen using a crowd contest and then we has the brand guidelines created along with templates for business cards, presentations, letter heads etc. The total costs was under £750 and it was quick too. We had over 100 designs to choose from for our logo.

FAQ generation 
Let the crowd loose on your site and supply both questions and answers, multi-language explanations of how your site operates. Many non-gambling sites use the crowd for customer services, allowing dedicated fans to answer the questions of new comers. We are not sure this would work in the gambling industry because negative emotion following a bad beat or a losing run could affect the answer given.

In-country testing 
Testing locally throws up a different perspective, local bandwidth, hardware and operating system choices and local tastes all differ. Regulatory requirements, currency and payment processing requirements all differ and the quickest way to optimise a product is to test it locally by locals who understand gambling. The launch of online casinos in New Jersey generated complaints that the sites were too European orientated – one “0” or “00” on your roulette wheel anyone? Local testing would have alleviated a lot of these issues. If the Europeans didn’t get New Jersey what chance do you have in India or South East Asia?

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