The Uses of Crowdsourcing - Part Two

And so to the second part of our idea for how crowdsourcing can be applied to the gambling industry and the start-up world in particular. If you have any ideas yourselves on how to use crowdsourcing in the industry or any live examples, then don’t keep them to yourself – get in touch and we will publicise your ideas and your company.

Product optimisation 
The access to a global workforce of gambling experts allows you get diverse opinions quickly and efficiently. You can have the mock ups of your proposed registration process or your new bet type optimised by experts before you go into build.

Research and development
The crowd is ideal for finding out information, they will look in places you haven’t even considered. Whether it is data for a business plan or for an SEO strategy there are plenty of ways to get the crowd doing your research.

Software testing 
Have your software tested by developers with an understanding of the gambling sector you are in. They exist and are out there allowing you to scale your testing team rapidly. Finding testers with betting or gaming expertise is always a challenge - we are getting new registrants every day with these skills.

The gambling industry is global and operates multi language and multi-currency, there is no reason why every CRM e mail, FAQ, offer letter cannot be translated quickly and efficiently into every language you support by a native speaker who is also a gambling expert or customer.

If you are new to crowdsourcing what better way to learn than put up a task for someone in the crowd to manage a crowd based task. If they are working in the crowd they will know their way around and would happily bid to manage a large micro tasking project, how about getting someone to build you several lists per country of Twitter followers

Idea generation 
A crowd contest to find the best new app may yield a winner in the competitive mobile space.

Problem solving 
You have a big problem, why not offer a big prize and allow the crowd to suggest ideas. You can also look at self-organised crowdsourcing where the crowd organises itself into a team and decides how to solve the problem and how to divide the compensation. You only pay if the problem is solved. Netflix offered $1m for a new customer algorithm that was only awarded if it was 10% better than the old one.

Regulatory monitoring 
You probably monitor the key markets but could you use the crowd to warn you of changes in regulation in far flung places.

Use case generation 
Have the crowd generate and edit the use cases for your software development project allowing the crowd to influence how new features work.

Business plan reviews 
If you are about to launch a new venture, crowdsourcing will enable you to get your business model reviewed independently by someone with expertise in the sector of the industry and the market that you are targeting. Because you will only be paying per task you could get two or three reviews and look for a consensus.

Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing. Gambling operators should be using it to support and invest in innovative start-ups, hopefully you will buy a stake in the next Betfair or DoubleDown

Due diligence 
Looking to acquire a company or enter a JV in a country that you don’t have a presence in? Why not recruit local experts to mystery shop their venues and recruit the crowd to carry out a full sentiment and competitive analysis.

Idea evaluation 
You have an idea a beta test and a target market. Why not expose the idea to the crowd in that market and get their feedback, either by asking managers who are working in those markets or by running some crowd based surveys. The ability to access people with country and product specific knowledge is important as is the need to speak to customers who gamble or use the product.

Product development 
If you have a market area that you wish to target why not post the problem on a crowdsourcing site and have some people that know about the specific market pitch to provide some ideas. It could be by country or by sector, so you could ask someone for a sports betting product you want to offer globally to fill a gap in your range or a country specific gambling product such as a slot machine idea that is topical in Germany. You can pay for several completed reports and compare the ideas of people that are close to these markets or you can run a competition and only pay for the best idea.

The opportunities in SEO are endless. If you are a multi-language sports-betting site you can run huge chunks of your SEO tasks in the crowd. Using a combination of per task experts and micro tasks they act as a force multiplier for your team. Say you're entering a new country with your sports-book and want to get to know the major players, the Hollywood keywords, the most profitable middle phrases and where the links are flowing from. If you publish a well written brief, you can use it to get every competitor and affiliate site reviewed in a matter of days. Use the crowd to extract meta data and title tags, and use tools to help understand the strongest link sources. You can even have your contractors use resources like Google Insights to get search volume and trend data. Post a list of all your new keywords and your competitors on a micro-tasking site and let the crowd tell you where they rank and who is advertising against them, run the tasks at different times of the day and find out who stops bidding after 5.30 UK time. Use sports fans who speak the language and you can launch with an SEO strategy which benefits from a quantum leap in resource for less than your normal budget. Match it up to a crowd sourced affiliate and social media strategy and a small team can quickly expand into a new country.

Software development 
This is a complex area and a betting or online casino site is not normally where you expect find open source developers, but a paid distributed base of coders could improve your speed to market and platform flexibility. It could also lead to a reduced reliance on third-party platform providers.

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