Our mission

Over the years the management team has hired hundreds of software engineers and we believe the process is flawed. It takes too long for all parties involved (notwithstanding that there is a severe shortage of great software engineers).

Our aim is to fix this process. We aren’t grand enough to think we can solve the entire process straight away, so we’re starting with the necessary evil: the technical evaluation of the software engineer.

We work alongside employers and recruiters to help measure a candidate’s coding ability. Candidates are evaluated by our on-demand uber geek team of highly skilled developers who set the gold standard for software engineering.

Our technical challenges evaluate both overall technical ability and specific software skill sets. This allows employers to filter their final list of candidates quickly, eliminating hours of time spent evaluating CVs and reviewing technical tests, leaving in-house development teams to do what they do best - ship great product.
At Geektastic we help our clients hire qualified developers through our on-demand, technical screening platform using our global pool of talented software engineers.
How it works

  • Register with Geektastic, for free.
  • When you are ready to start hiring, simply create a hiring campaign.
  • Add your candidates to the campaign and invite them to take a challenge.
  • Alternatively, use our Developer Search Tool to seek out talent in our pre-qualified community that match your requirements.
  • Either license one of off the shelf code challenges, commission us to create one for you or upload your own. We currently cover JavaScript with bespoke tests for React and Angular, Java, C#, PHP, Python, iOS (Objective-C) and Android.
  • Use the Geektastic on-demand team to review candidates’ code challenges or review it yourself using your in-house dev team via our custom built code review tool.
  • Use our line by line code review of the candidate’s submission in your face to face interview.
  • Finally - Hire the next addition to your amazing team!

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We are looking for amazing software engineers to join our team of uber geeks.

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