Pitch ICE

7th - 9th, February 2017. Stand N8 260 Excel, London


Yamzu is an online, browser based and automated plaform that allows anyone to create or join esports contests in order to win cash and prizes or earn a revenue; that can potentially reach out to hundreds of millions of gamers, depending on the game. Yamzu is easy to use, supports playing for free and for cash and it tracks the results of all the contests and updates the scores automatically and publishes them on the website in real time.

Esports has become a world phenomenon and at the moment it is bigger than hockey, with value at around 500 million dollars. However, lack of online events discourages aspiring gamers from earning revenue in this industry. Our platform caters to both, consumers and businesses. Our consumers are gamers that want to up their game and make money off their skills. We also cater to businesses, e.g esports organizations, whose number is on the rise, that earn a revenue by organizing these contests for a particular country or a region. Brands that want to build their presence in esports are also our potential partners.

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