Pitch ICE

7th - 9th, February 2017. Stand N8 260 Excel, London

Double R Quits Ltd

Double R Quits is Ireland’s first eSports platform, allowing players to back themselves to compete online for cash and rewards. Double R Quits was born from the frustration of the stigma, that you can’t compete unless you’re ‘elite’. Our mission is to build a platform where gamers of all skill levels feel comfortable enough to compete for cash, and see it as an extension of the entertainment and enjoyment of playing games.

Our rating system allows us to offer the most competitive games on the market. Our DRQ rating system is derived from Microsoft’s true skill model, but has been tailored to cater for our user’s. Our rating system allows players to accurately predict the probability they have of beating their opponent based on their respective rating’s. Our rating takes the monetary factor into consideration and therefore is not as susceptible to manipulation by our players. Our rating will be more volatile for players betting high stakes and relatively stagnant for those playing for small amounts.

Our rating system will be used to tier our leaderboards, cups and ladders into divisions, so no matter what your skill level, you will be matched with players of similar rating. This enables us to offer the most transparent and fun service on the market.

In addition, we have also automated our platform to make our matches and tournaments flow seamless and easy, relative to our peers. As console gaming is not open source, we cannot integrate with the consoles and therefore automating our platform as much as possible ensures a slicker process and ensures a higher volume of games turned over, thus yielding higher commission revenue. This higher level of automation on our platform ensures we maintain lower levels of admin costs in comparison to our peers.

Through our brand, platform and unique performance measuring technology we can get ahead and stay ahead of the competition, once we get the funding required to break the UK market.

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