Pitch ICE

7th - 9th, February 2017. Stand N8 260 Excel, London

Hall of Bets Betters' Rift

Our objectives are:

- Showcase our project and look for interested business angles or seed funds. - Find UK partners interested in eSports betting and looking for web services.

Our differentiating idea is to focus on free-to- play betting on eSports. Being a free-to- play native product and keeping a free-to- play focus allows us to:

- Be a unique source of user data on eSport : we can provide stats, do A/B tests or surveys. - Quickly and cheaply acquire our core audience: eSports fans. - Operate multiple products: white-label platform, real money platform and free-to- play combined platform.

Current data show that 62% of eSports fans currently betting on eSports do not want to bet real money. Gamers are not Betters and free-to- play is the key to converting them to betting on eSports.

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