Pitch ICE

7th - 9th, February 2017. Stand N8 260 Excel, London


Bookmakers want to promote Live betting. A crucial issue is the inability to access the live information about a game (media rights issue) yet the more information the bettor gets, the more he spends time on the bookmaker’s website and the more he bets.

At SkillCorner, we found the solution by collecting huge amount of data from the video, through our Artificial Intelligence, in order to provide a very innovative dynamic visualization of any professional game played anywhere on earth: an exact replica, in Live, in 2D of the game enriched with augmented reality overlay, statistics and bet advices.

In fact, with SkillCorner the punter will get exactly the same information as a TV viewer, including subscribers of any pay-TV. Another innovation we propose is an optimized bandwidth consumption allowing us to reach the least connected regions and finally to allow to anybody on earth, whatever he is doing, wherever he is (waiting for the bus, at the opera, on ski lift…), on any screen, to have an exact idea of what happens on the pitch.

Then, after several months, our algorithms will have collected billions of precise live data, that will give us the opportunity to fine-tune Live Odds.

Indeed while bookmakers have plenty of static data to build their usual pre-match odds, they dramatically lack Live Data to propose the most precise odds in live.

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