Blockchain Mobile Gambling App iDice ICO Begins

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iDice, the mobile blockchain gambling application, is currently offering an ICO for investors to participate in, scheduled to end on June 26th 2017. Following the conclusion of the crowdsale, the iDice team is planning to integrate the platform with Android and IOS devices. The company roadmap has more plans to introduce additional games on top of the blockchain in the future, including poker and blackjack.

The goal of iDice is to take control of the mobile gambling sector by using its blockchain solution. The team hopes that, by using a blockchain, it will be able to offer a more streamlined service than other available mobile gambling choices. With iDice, users will generate their own unique wallet, fund it, then be able to bet.

Identifying a gap in the market, iDice intends to establish a foothold before other gambling operators make the leap to develop their own mobile blockchain gambling apps. The mobile gambling industry is large but iDice has reported a lack of movement from the gambling industry to integrate blockchain into this market. Founder and CEO of iDice, Jordan Wong has stated that he believes the gambling Dapp market is neglecting a huge potential market of mobile users with no good cross-platform app existing. It is his view that iDice will be able to display its talents to create  dominance in the market before others.

Using the Ethereum blockchain, iDice has leveraged its properties to create a solution for mobile-based casino dice gaming which is provably fair and transparent, as detailed in its white paper. In doing this, the platform will be able to show that it does not fix games, avoiding the plethora of accusations of rigged games that mobile games experience when users have a bad run of luck.

Due to the nature of blockchain, iDice will also eliminate third parties, and the possibility of third-party attacks. Players will also retain control of their funds, storing them in personal wallets and then sending them to smart contracts where the code will decide the game outcome.

Investors can use ETH to buy iDice tokens, which are similar to preferred shares of a company. iDice tokens will grant token holders the right to claim a portion of iDice’s total profits like a dividend and can be bought and sold on exchanges.. There is a limited supply of 5 million iDice tokens that are available during the crowdsale. There will be no more iDice tokens created after the ICO.

If blockchain proves to be the next technological revolution, iDice may gain an early foothold in the market in a manner similar to some online betting companies at the start of the internet’s disruption of the gambling industry.