Blockchain case study: The future is Gulden

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The Dutch blockchain developer and technology evangelist Gulden is already up-and-running in the Netherlands with a cryptocurrency offering but it has ambitious plans to introduce blockchain technology to aspects of other sectors, including the gambling business.

Taking up the salient points about the technology’s many inherent benefits - transparency, speed, security, efficiency and cost reduction – developer at Jeroen Bakker says the company is excited about the potential for disintermediation within the betting sector.

“I see opportunities in the possibility for people to place their bets without needing an account at a bookmaker,” he tells GamCrowd. “This saves a considerable amount of time as you don’t need to register, make a deposit or request a withdrawal (which in some cases means you have wait a few days until you can lay your hands on your money).”

As with much of the early excitement in payments circles about what cryptocurrencies might mean when it comes to transaction costs and speed of payment, the Gulden view is that blockchain offers up similarly attractive user-friendly benefits when it comes to transfers of bet winnings.

“Every transaction and thus every bet you place will be stored in the blockchain, meaning you can always prove your transaction did or did not succeed and therefore whether your bet has or has not been placed,” he says.

The roadmap ( the company publishes plans out the huge developments that are lying ahead and that will be introduced in the coming months. “Think of new apps, new desktop wallets and lots of functionalities that are introduced with involvement of the community,” says Bakker. “Gulden is a sleeping giant, soon to be awaked.”