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Betfred has agreed a long-term exclusive partnership with new fantasy football-type app Gloryhunter that the founders hope will see them compete in the market to attract casual football fans.

Gloryhunter is a bootstrapped effort on the part of four founders from the north-west of England that has been in operation for a number of years but took on its latest app incarnation last year.

Players choose a team each week from the 92 English Premier and Football Leagues, playing for both points and prizes from Betfred and sports equipment manufacturers.

Last season Gloryhunter had a distribution deal with bet365 but co-creator Stuart Kay told GamCrowd that they wanted a partner rather than to be an affiliate so initiated conversations with Betfred.

“It’s about fit really,” he said of the long-term partnership deal announced ahead of the new football season. “They have really helped shape a few things, push things, we’ve had feedback from users, so this season is really the first real season where we have started to look at it.”

Kay says the company knows it is attempting to stake a claim in a very congested and competitive space but having only launched the Gloryhunter app last season the app has already racked up 10,000 users with around a third of those being active throughout the season.

Kay remains optimistic that the link up with Betfred will give Gloryhunter an edge despite the big names that populate the casual football/fantasy area. “I think there is an awful lot of competition in this space,” he said. “From my background (in digital marketing) you only have to look at the the media inflation around this category. We did a bit of research on apps and competitors, and you can see some of the budgets from people like Sky, the investment is continuing.”

He added, though, that with Betfred the Gloryhunter app hopes it can piggyback the bookmaker’s brand and its reputation. “They have pretty much said they want to go on this journey with us. From our point of view, we just want to make the most of the brand and the reach and we have a really agile tech platform so we can test and try new things.”

One upcoming innovation will be the ability to tie the app in with geo-location technology that means that users will be messaged according to whether they are near a Betfred outlet. Kay also hopes that the app’s target audience of 18-24-year-olds who are  into lower league football will mean more efficient CPA’s in terms of its biddable media plan which is a point of difference compared to most football games who focus solely on the premiership.

The majority of the four founders are still only working on the project part-time and are maintaining day jobs as they hope to build on last season’s progress. The company was introduced to Betfred owner Fred Done by Manchester-based entrepreneur Warren Jacobs, the chief executive and founder of affiliate marketing agency Active Win Media.

The Gloryhunter app can be downloaded from the app store and via the website