Launchpad contestants talk innovation at EiG

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1SpinMillionaire has taken home this year’s EiG Launchpad crown. It was agreed that the line-up was the best ever with the quality of presentation outstanding from all the start-ups. EiG Launchpad’s partner GamCrowds founder Chris North said “I was impressed with all of the start-up ideas and the Launchpad remains the leading platform for starts ups to get exposure to the gambling industry”.

The contestants for the Launchpad prize at EiG in Berlin this week all said they had been pleasantly surprised by the quality of conversations they had conducted at the show and said the whole Launchpad exercise was useful for their businesses.

Gluck Games, Black Cow Technology, 1SpinMillionaire, PVP.ME and GamingBattleground were competing this week for the title of EiG Launchpad winner.

Robert Lenzhofer, the founder at Gluck Games, said with the barriers to entry in the gambling industry set so high, it was very useful to have the chance to attend the show and talk to both the judges and the audience about their product.

“The access is great,” he said. “The chance to present and explain ourselves is really useful. When people see our products, they seem to be really impressed. They get the message that we are a multiple vertical gaming company, everything from keno and scratchcards through to bingo.”

Tony Plaskow, the commercial director at Black Cow Technology, which is looking to provide a new generation of games platform to the market, also said the show provided great exposure. Just prior to the event, the company was able to share the good news that it had signed its first contract with the Games Company to provide its Open Gaming Architecture that will help power the Games Company’s new Remote Game Server (RGS).

“We hope to continue our momentum from being included in EiG Launchpad into the next few months,” he said.

Martin Cagalinec, the founder at 1SpinMillionaire, said the show had allowed them to talk to both operators and suppliers about their casual gaming and lottery loyalty-type product. “It’s good PR, to let the industry know what you are doing,” he told GamCrowd.

When it comes to understanding the products on display at Launchpad this year, perhaps the hardest task goes to those with eSports at their heart. This year’s show included two in the space, PVP.ME and GamingBattleground and Yury Kolesnik, the co-founder and chief executive of the first, pointed out that just trying to explain eSports to some of the online gambling professionals that spoke to his company at the show was sometimes a challenge.

“They have heard about eSports, of course,” he said this week. “But I’m not sure they fully understand it. I think the betting industry will have to think differently about its product if it is to work in eSports.”

On the Wednesday of the show, David Sargeant from iGaming Ideas hosted a panel including Will Mace from Unibet, one of GamCrowd’s sponsors, talking about how the industry took to the challenge of supporting innovation.

He told GamCrowd afterwards that the industry was improving its understanding of the need for new ideas and how to foster them even if it was still something of an uphill battle. He noted a comment from Mace where he suggested that part of the problem was that many operators didn’t have a single point of contact for companies to approach with new ideas. “You need the gateway,” he said.