Opportunities for Digital Innovation Through Blockchain Applications

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A blockchain technology provision company, Dapps.ai, has revealed the release of its Blockchain Application Management (BAM) suite, a natively built managed application suite for Salesforce.com. BAM is a cloud-based computing interface which is designed to incorporate business processes with the blockchain of their choice, through the Salesforce Lightening Experience interface. This will provide greater access to blockchain technology for companies that seek to utilise the benefits the technology brings such as security or transparency for example.

As the BAM suite is built on Salesforce.com, it provides users with the ability to use their customer data and business processes directly in leveraging blockchain technology. The application also provides a single user interface for the development and management of smart contracts. Smart contracts allow the automation of processes in a blockchain environment, with potential savings through efficiency and security through use of computer code.

CEO and co-founder of Dapps.ai, Marc Wolenik commented: “We’re excited about the potential that the Blockchain Application Management Suite brings to salesforce customers and developers. Knowing that businesses have varying requirements and that the opportunities afforded to them by leveraging Blockchain technology are game changers, we believe that our BAM suite will enable businesses to differentiate and create offerings ahead of their competitors. Additionally, since BAM is the first fully functional platform for Blockchain that is natively integrated with Salesforce, we are confident that both new and experienced Blockchain technologists will quickly see ROI with its use.”

The Blockchain Application Management Suite is designed for the Hyperledger, Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, with support for public, private and permissioned blockchain implementations. There are a number of differences between blockchains. The Bitcoin blockchain is the most established, whereas the Ethereum blockchain is more tailored towards the running of smart contracts. By allowing for multiple blockchain usage, the management suite will allow for a degree of flexibility in companies that wish to implement blockchain solutions.

In providing the opportunity to work with blockchain solutions, the BAM suite will enable digital transformation options for its users. The company aims to bring blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to businesses and individuals through its work with public, private and permission based blockchains. In this, it integrates class proprietary cloud infrastructure to elimination of a number of issues, such as fluctuating deployment and usage costs, how to properly manage and catalogue smart contracts and having to stand up test/development servers, as these are all included features. Using an abstracted Hardware Security Module (HSM) key service, BAM provides a secure environment without key storage problems.

Dominic Steil, CTO and co-founder of Dapps.ai., explained:“When choosing a new piece of technology, it is crucial to leverage your existing enterprise platform investments, such as developer and administrative skills, user interface familiarity, and integrations with other existing applications. Because the Blockchain Application Management (BAM) Suite is built natively on Salesforce it provides a key strategic advantage to companies. With the Lightning Experience interface, we can leverage Wave Analytics and Einstein for AI, bringing a complete Blockchain offering to Salesforces 150,000+ customers.”

Dapps.ai is scheduling demonstrations of the Blockchain Application Management suite at the Consensus 2017 conference in New York City on Tuesday afternoon, May 23rd, 2017.