With Trixir, Onepoint invests in social gamification

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Trixir, a gaming industry start-up, joins the business and service community

With a controlling interest in Trixir, onepoint provides firms with expertise in gamification and a culture of innovation, continuing with its qualitative external growth strategy and consolidating its position as provider of high-value-added services.

For David Layani, President of onepoint, “This latest venture with Trixir fits perfectly with our innovative strategy for supporting companies and putting human beings, social connections and openness at the heart of the system.”

Trixir, a start-up specializing in social gamification, helps companies develop their business through enterprise social networks, with their online community platforms seeing 30 million page views monthly.

Pedro Canali, founder of Trixir, explains: “We are extremely proud to be part of onepoint, the only company that was original enough to immediately join in supporting our vision. With the synergy between these two companies, we will be able to play a major role in the growing gamification market.”

More businesses are looking into gamification, with many getting solid results - up to a 700% increase in engagement. However, with uncertain or unclear strategies, implementation can be a compromise without an anchor, direction or impact. As a result, 80% of initiatives fail (Gartner).

Pedro elaborates on Trixir’s uniqueness: “Our gaming experience lets us challenge our clients and set up measurable initiatives that center on the human factor. Gamification isn’t just about badges. By putting emotions at the heart of the designs and experience, we fill the universal needs of mastery, uncertainty, recognition, connection, knowledge and ambition.”

About onepoint
In less than 15 years, onepoint has become a leader in digital transformation and now has almost 2,000 employees. onepoint’s goal is not only to plan for change but to lead it, using the tools and processes to benefit clients in every sector, both private and public.

onepoint’s strength is its capacity to retain the agility of an innovative midsize company and to offer its clients tailor-made solutions through excellent relationships with an ecosystem of start-ups and small businesses, while deepening its expertise in change management consulting within multiple sectors. onepoint aims to become a European leader in business architecture, from analysis of organizations through to implementation of networks, systems, and processes to be used on a daily basis to optimize performance.

About Trixir
Trixir, a start-up specializing in social gamification, helps companies become fully connected businesses. Their experience in gaming and online communities (30 million page views monthly) allows them to offer unique ‘gaming’ expertise that allows them to develop and provide original solutions to direct and support change.
By focusing on universal human emotions, gamification can break down barriers, encourage knowledge sharing and keep users active and involved