GamCrowd Blockchain report
October 02 2016
“What will be the impact of blockchain on the gambling industry?”
The speed of progress since we first published the GamCrowd Blockchain report in November last year has proved that the pace of change with new tech trends is like nothing we have experienced before and so the opportunities and threats to your business come in equal measure. If you don’t understand what is happening, then you are putting your business at risk: it is simple as that.   One key development our report covers is that in recent months there have been several successful Initial Coin offerings or ICO’s by various start-up gambling businesses using the blockchain to bring platforms that could bring major disruption to the way the industry operates now.   Not only are they using the blockchain to try and give players a better experience, they are also very well-funded with over $50m being raised in the past six months alone. The gambling industry has never seen well-funded start-ups that don’t have to rely on the major operators for a leg up to help them launch their business. They are in control of their own destinies and armed with disruptive tech so the gambling industry should sit up and pay attention.   Buckle up as blockchain is here and it’s on steroids! You really can’t afford not to buy our report today.